About » Vision & values


The opportunity to constantly develop.

The ability to find solutions.

The passion to achieve something.

  • Reliability
    Exact realisation of the arrangements according to agreements / to contracts with our customers.
  • Adherence to deadlines
    Our customers’ deadlines are binding.
  • Work
    Handling the given tasks accurately is a premise for solving complex technical matters.
  • Expertise
    With the development of technical solutions and customer cooperation, we lay emphasis on excellent work.
  • Team work
    We are one team and share our knowledge as well as our experience for our customers’ benefit.
  • Creativity and dynamics
    Active and sustainable interest in solving our customers’ problems.


Risk minimization & result optimization:
  • The way we determine the potential of an idea is based on the results of diligence and relentless research. We check the idea’s performance with its key supplies, clients and customer and compare it to that of its competitors.
  • TEC is in the position to make its decisions and recommendations entirely free from any political influence or interest of any large multi-national operating iron & steel conglomerate and/or manufacturing industry, only and solely in accordance with techno-economic factors of the project in the interest of the client.
  • The objective is to position TEC as a modern, innovative brand, targeting trendsetters in the steel industry all over the world with state-of-the-art concepts and future oriented engineering solutions.
  • As offering a premium consultancy background, we are only working together with reputable companies, following our ideas of fast acting response and technical solid and modern solutions.

About » History

TEC has been originally founded in Lünen, Germany, in 2003 and has decades of experience in the field of industrial consulting.

The company utilizes only senior experts and having its base in the Ruhr Area allows the company to have expertise available from one of the most industrialized regions in the world; specifically with the dedicated focus on steel industry, power plants and aluminum industry.

Under the same ownership also RCE is active in steel plant activities, with the specific focus on plant engineering services in terms of overall layout planning, material handling system, Basic and Detail Engineering activities for metallurgical plants including utility engineering. The company is supplying its services to world leading companies like SMS Siemag, Primetals, Danieli and others.

TEC is in position to utilize in-house engineering services from RCE to support consulting activities (if necessary).


Array of services:

  • Hiring out of employees
  • Freelancing/contracting
  • Contract of employment
  • Contract for work